• Single Doona/Blanket/Sleeping bag

  • Double Queen King Doona

  • Super King

  • Mattress Topper


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Doona Wash In Melbourne:

We wash and dry clean duvets, sleeping bags, and quilts.

Doonawash4u takes pride in providing premium solutions allowing you to sleep easily at night. Before placing a booking please ensure that the cleaning instructions are intact or provided.

To prolong the life of this, listed below are some additional hacks.

  • It should be washed every after two months as they may be housing potential pathogens and allergens.
  • In addition to a doona wash, it should be hanged in sunshine twice a year. This keeps the feathers in their original position.
  • We suggest you keep your doona in an airtight bag when you store it away during the summer months to prevent a moth infestation.
  • Washing clothes at home can be a messy and daunting task. To assist you with this task doonawash4u can wash and treat with antibacterial, anti-dust mite and antifungal treatments (additional charges) to prevent the growth of pathogens and reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

We take great pride in providing premium doona solutions and take the utmost care of industrial hygiene practices. Our promise is to keep you’re your items as comfortable as possible feeling as good as new after a wash.

  • We assure you to give great service. We try hard to satisfy every customer and remove all the dirtiness. Our promise is to keep your duvet as comfortable as you were with new. We also offer a wedding dress dry clean to give you more ease. As Melbourne people have been too busy with their workload. Most of the people get confused about our working criteria. What you need to do is just bag up your items then contact us. Confirm your order. Tell us about your suitable location. We pick up and deliver.
  • Try not to be late as sooner you come to know your items are getting dirtier and converting into Germs. Send it for cleaning.
  • We also have the facility for shipping and return. To save your time from your hectic life providing your shipping policy with the return is compulsory.
  • We have the capability to satisfy every customer by our service. For our services, you can know about us more.





Anti-Allergen Double Wash - $10

Doona washed twice, each time with fresh water & detergent.

Beds are home to 8 million Dust Mites and their droppings (allergens). Double Wash is an extra step for added peace of mind.

As doonas or quilts are usually washed twice a year, double wash is very beneficial to wash away as many allergens as possible. 




Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal Treatment - $5

Researchers at The University of Manchester have discovered millions of fungal spores in our pillows (up to 16 fungal species).

We use “Canesten Hygiene Laundry Rinse” that is specifically designed for Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal treatment.

It eliminates 99.9% of germs.

As duvets or quilts are usually washed twice a year, this low cost and high benefit treatment are highly suggested.​